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  • Brokerage around Coastal NC & SC, also covering Lake Lanier in Buford GA.
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Brokers Role


The Broker's Role in Selling  Your Boat

Selling your boat is a complex transaction, with lots of steps   between the first interest and the final closing and delivery. Let the   brokerage professionals at Nautic Marine Center assist you in finding a   buyer for your boat. 

Yacht brokers work like real estate agents. They are agents whom   people consult to find and purchase a boat, and whom people hire to list,   represent, and sell boats for them. Traditionally, the seller pays the   commissions that a yacht broker earns; yet the brokers have a duty to both   buyer and seller in every transaction. Listed below are many of the ways the Nautic   Marine & Sail. Brokerage department can assist you in selling your boat. 

1. Professional "know how": Nautic Marine Center  brokers understand the principles of the brokerage profession. Documents such   a Statements of Origin, Security Agreements, Bills of Sale, Transfer of Title   of documented boats, as well as Agency Contracts, Listing Agreements, Closing   Statements will be used when appropriate. 

2. Determining a Fair Asking Price: To ensure a timely sale, it   is essential to ask a fair price. Nautic Marine Center brokers have   access to data from their central agency connections and national network of   corresponding brokers. This information is not available to the public, but   is necessary to make good decisions. 

3. Preparing the Listing for the Public: Nautic Marine Center brokers will prepare the listing for distribution in various electronic   and print media, for distribution to clients and other brokers. Distribution   of information will be through multiple tools of online services such as   Company Websites, Facebook, Instagram, BoatTrader Online and others. This   will also include the multiple listing services that are available. 

4. Preparing the boat: Nautic MarineCenter brokers will   advise of any improvements that should be made to compete within today's   market, identify possible problems and solutions. 

5. Surveys and Orientation: Nautic Marine Center brokers   will help you determine how any discovered deficiencies from a survey of your   boat should be addressed in the purchase negotiations. They will also take   part in the vessel's orientation sail with the new owner to ensure a smooth   delivery. 

6. The Art of Negotiating the Deal: Nautic Marine Center  broker can use his position as a middleman to keep the negotiations between   the buyer and seller moving to a successful conclusion. 

New listings are always welcome at Nautic Marine Center.   Please inquire about selling your boat by calling us at 919-744-1765 or by   e-mailing Mitch@nauticmarinesail.com 

The Broker's Role in Purchasing a boat

First time boat buyers   may have difficulty deciding what features they need. This can be a   price sensitive issue and can change the whole perspective on what to buy. In   many cases you seek out someone who has done the research, someone who   already owns a boat and is ready to share all his or her wisdom. 

Nautic Marine Center Brokers are here to help. We will assist you in navigating the   pitfalls in purchasing your next boat. Listed below are some ways we can   support you in getting the right boat at the right price. "We don't sell   boats, we help our clients find their boat."

1. Get Focused:  Several factors may effect your selection. Will you use the boat for racing   or pleasure, where will you use the boat, how many people will be involved,   and what kind of boats are popular in your area? Consider the style of the   boat. Should it be traditional or contemporary? Suit the boat to your own   personal style and taste. Price of the boat should not be the whole factor.   Quite often the more expensive boat will resell quicker, with less   depreciation. 

2. Pre-Purchase   Boat Research: If you are looking at a particular boat, we can help you   decide if this is the right boat for you at this time. We will provide the   boat's current survey, history and condition, as well as the motivation of   the seller, prior to your spending time with research or inspection of the   boat. A Nautic Marine Center broker can give accurate market pricing of boats of this style   and can also research what selling prices have been on similar models. We can   also let you know if there are other boats of this type available. 

3. Concluding the   Deal: When you place an offer on a boat, the Nautic  Marine Center broker can improve   your chances of acceptance in several ways. We will help prepare an offer   with a realistic price, with terms that the seller and buyer can agree on,   and by holding a good faith deposit which will demonstrate to the seller that   this is an earnest offer. We will use our position as a middleman to keep the   negotiations between buyer and seller moving to a successful conclusion. 

4. After the Sale:   The Nautic Marine Center broker can lead you in the right direction for many things you   may not have originally considered such as, insurance, docking,  storage   and possibly Boating lessons. We can provide an orientation sail to help   familiarize you with the boat

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